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The Origin of the Grit

Just about every Southerner who has traveled north of the Mason-Dixon has been asked by a Yankee, or some other foreigner, “What is a grit?” Now, down South, we all know you can’t have just one grit.  Grits are, depending on who you ask, a breakfast food, a culinary medium for sculpting more exotic fare […]

Turnip Juice

So, Friday night I got out of my recliner at 11 o’clock to take the dog out for one last walk before bed. I have a fenced yard, and I usually just open the back door for this purpose, but my dog has an affinity for mud puddles, and on this particular Friday night puddles […]


I was converted by a 14-year-old. For years, I was deeply, stubbornly entrenched in my dogma. I refused to hear pleas to just examine things from a different perspective. My sisters, a daughter-in-law, and many of my friends had already seen that there were paths other than the one I held on to so fiercely. Oh, […]

A Woman’s Gotta do. . .

I hate to have to do it, but it has become apparent that I am going to have to take an issue before the Court. I was wrestling with the decision this morning – to sue or not to sue – when a commercial interrupted the morning news. Just the fact that I was watching […]

Procrastination: A Sin or an Art Form?

A friend, Nancy, came over for dinner the other night and talk came around to writing. She said she had heard that procrastination was a major thing for writers. I told her about a famous writer who used to go into his study, lock the door, and lie down on his couch with the typewriter on the […]

Failing to plan is. . . blah, blah, blah

Actually it was not failure to plan that thrust me into the middle of sheep pastures in a foreign country with no car, no telephone, no cell, and no Internet. The hard truth is, plan A failed. I had no plan B. If you recall, when last we spoke I was in a pub in […]

My Resignation (To be Continued)

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I, Phyllis Pittman, herewith tender and proffer my resignation as Keeper of the World.  You may ask what exactly does being Keeper of the World entail? Well, I will enlighten you. It means that if a bird falls to the ground, you somehow feel responsible (not compassion, responsibility) for picking […]

KOW No More

For anyone who missed my last post, I officially resigned as KOW (Keeper of the World). As I am no longer the KOW, I thought I’d update you on how that’s going. On the second day free from the responsibility of all humankind — and much of the animal kingdom — I found I had […]

It’s a Fact. Or is it?

Studies have proven that eating eggs contributes to heart disease. No, wait. Eggs are good for you and it’s a fact that eating cholesterol has no effect at all on blood cholesterol. Saturated fat is bad, studies show. No, that’s no longer accepted. Studies have proven that saturated fat is good. Trans fat is bad. […]

Is This Really Progress?

A couple of weeks ago, three of my granddaughters were over for the day. I was tidying up in the back of the house and they were all in the living room. My ears perked up after a little while when I realized I heard — nothing. No sound at all. Now if they were […]