The Trouble with Grits


A 2017 Faulkner Finalist, The Trouble with Grits visits a mid-century small Mississippi town, its Old South culture, customs, and rarely met expectations. It begins in a time when young ladies in the South were supposed to do nothing more than get married, produce offspring, and can tomatoes—successfully and in that order. But times, they are a changin’. With the skillful wielding of her pen, humorist Phyllis Pittman makes us a part of the family and community grappling with the changing times. Liberal doses of humor, pearls of wisdom from the most unlikely places, and unforgettable characters weave a captivating narrative that merely whets your appetite for more!

Paperback – $14.99

Hardcover – $24.99

Fairhope Anthology: Second in a Series


WELCOME TO FAIRHOPE, Alabama, a magical retreat that speaks to the soul through its charm, quirky characters, and natural beauty. Tucked away along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay where moss-draped live oaks frame sunsets and sailboats, this fairy tale hamlet is full of flowers, boutiques, peace, history, and mystery. Fairhope is a respite, a breath of fresh air, a place unto itself.

The eclectic story-tellers of the Fairhope Writers Group take you on a stroll through this quaint, artistic, utopian village. You’ll meet the residents of Fairhope and outlying areas as they just might be. The pages are peopled with characters who are variously sweet, interesting, mysterious, desperate, sinister, zany, and fun.

Pony Tales: Night Mischief


Night Mischief seems to be misjudged from the day he is born. He is very obedient and good natured, but because his name is Mischief, people, as well as the other horses, think he is a naughty pony. When one of the other ponies gets into trouble, Mischief is blamed, even though he actually tried to help. The story of Night Mischief tells how Mischief overcomes his name and the perceptions of others, holding his head high, and always knowing who he really is inside.

Welcome to the barnyard of Farmer Phillps. Mischief is just one of the many horses and ponies who live here. Each is different and each has a story to tell, just as we all do. Night Mischief is the first in a series of ”Pony Tales,” where readers get to know each pony and learn about life on a horse farm.

Night Mischief Book and Read-along CD Set


The Original Fairhope Guidebook


Stroll the downtown avenues developed by our courageous nineteenth-century pioneers who believed their vision and our lands offered a “fair hope of success.”

That spirit of adventure is alive and present in the entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and institutions described in our guidebook, The Original Fairhope Guidebook: A Walking Tour, and will assure you of an enthusiastic welcome, an enjoyable pastime, and a way to find a unique memento of your visit to Fairhope.

A scenic walk a few more blocks westward on Fairhope Avenue will take you past Henry George Park, the site of Baldwin Pops celebratory holiday concerts.  Continuing on, you may be surprised to see a bayside rose garden and winding walkway.  Benches are provided for resting, reviewing the day’s activities, and visiting with friendly folks.  Here, you can experience the crescendo of the day, the glorious sunset over Mobile Bay.

Where else would you find both modern-day Southern Belles decked out in nineteenth-century finery and fairy tale castles all in one pretty, welcoming little village?

You will surely contemplate a return visit, or, as have so many of us, plan to stay.