“This charming novel, a 2017 Faulkner Finalist, goes down like sweet tea on a warm summer night, a glass of refreshment and comfort.” – Kirkus Reviews

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I have found it — my perfect cruise

      A cruise. That’s the ticket. It’s been a difficult year and, while I can’t actually GO on a cruise right now, PLANNING a cruise sounds terrific. What spurred this magnificent idea was a television commercial.…

Now, what were we talking about?

    I may be a little bit distracted.  I went into the kitchen to make a quick cup of coffee while I pondered the most recent in a series of unfortunate events.  When I heard the plunk of a K-cup instead of the hiss of…

Accident Prone? No Way

 © Brett Lamb | Dreamstime.com Someone I once considered a dear friend said I was accident prone. I was miffed. I was indignant. My knickers went into an immediate twist. Me? I may not be the soul of grace, but accident prone?…