“This charming novel, a 2017 Faulkner Finalist, goes down like sweet tea on a warm summer night, a glass of refreshment and comfort.” – Kirkus Reviews

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    Could I have multiple personality disorder? Maybe so, because I am having trouble keeping track of who I am.  See, I met a lady whose daughter wants to learn to ride horses and my mind flashed back to days and daydreams…

A Flatlander in the Hills of North Carolina

        Is it just me or does it scream “RECENT TRANSPLANT” if you fall out of your own yard three time while trying to mow the grass? My prior lawn mowing escapades have included running a new Zero…

A Birthday Warning from the Universe?

I am offended.  I opened Facebook this morning and saw this: “Phyllis, it’s almost your birthday.  That did not offend me.  But it was followed by links to pages for Alzheimer’s Association and 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline! That…