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It was inevitable, but still I wasn’t prepared. Yesterday, I was automatically given the senior price at the movie theater. I kept the ticket and every so often I look at it to be sure it really happened. Yep. Says right there: Senior. $6.75. The $6.75 part is good. But senior? Now, I am under […]

Just Say No

It was a kinder gentler time, back in the pre-I.D. era. I was breezing along pretty well I thought. I was alone, but I was also at peace. Then my daughter came in telling me about some guy she had met online. All my antennae went up and the alarm bells were clanging so loudly I […]

Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’

I’ve fallen out of love. Or maybe I just slid out. It didn’t actually happen all at once, but I willfully ignored the few scattered clues that the attraction was lessening. Looking back, I guess it was inevitable. There was never any real compatibility. But it was comfortable. That is what drew me. I thought, […]

The Un-blog

Once upon a time in a life far away, I was a journalist and a newspaper columnist. My column was not political, or philosophical. It didn’t give instructions on how to garden, lose weight, improve your love life, cook gourmet meals, live on a budget, or get out stains with ingredients commonly found in your […]