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I Had a Dream

How is it possible to have a dream come true and not even realize it at the time? I was talking to a library group yesterday about writing and my novel, The Trouble with Grits, when it hit me. Let me explain. You see, I have always loved words. I learned to talk early and […]

#ing,Tweeting and Posting? I just got comfortable with cut and paste!

Okay, the truth must come out. I am a bit of a technophobe. This is not new, just not something I freely divulge. In today’s digital, instant world, admitting to technophobia is akin to the Biblical leper running around yelling, “Unclean! Unclean!” I remember when microwave ovens began to become common place–yes, that is an […]

Grits on the Road

Today marks one calendar month since The Trouble with Grits was officially published. Our first post-publication step was to move onto the shelves of our hometown book store, Page and Palette in downtown Fairhope, Ala. Page and Palette is also the hometown bookstore of Fannie Flagg, one of my favorite authors. The official book launch […]

Grits are Bubbling

The Grits are hot and bubbling — well, The Trouble with Grits is published, available in book stores, and on its way. I have found that the trouble with getting a book out and going is the same as the trouble with grits, there are going to be some lumps to work through. Right about […]

Grits and Livermush

Anyone who has known me for very long knows I just love adventure. They don’t have to be big adventures. I can make an adventure out of finding a cantaloupe. I am also a huge fan of Jan Karon, the author of the Mitford series.  I make it a point to revisit Mitford once a […]

The Grits are Ready

TTWG! The Grits are ready and bubbling on the stove. Well, actually, the new novel, The Trouble with Grits, is ready and coming to bookstores near you. I will be heading out for a summer tour to bookstores all over, but it is available for purchase right this very minute in my bookstore on this site […]

Boldly Go Where No Grit Has Gone Before

Who’d a thunk it? Just when you think it can’t get any better, you find out there are whole avenues of better, and different, and just as good. For years, I thought I was a forward grits thinker because I added cheese an Photographer Greg DuPree, Food Styling Torie Cox, Prop Styling Mindi Shapiro d […]

Make Your Grits Special: A Life Lesson

Have you ever heard the truism, Don’t wait for anybody to bring you flowers; plant your own garden?  (Now that is a valid and valuable viewpoint, but be sure to have faith that someday there will be someone who will bring you flowers. You don’t want to get bitter and disillusioned.) I learned a similar lesson today while […]

I Can’t Get No Grit-satisfaction

The biggest trouble with grits is not being able to score a bowl of them.  I was recently at a well-known hostelry and thought a steaming bowl of buttery grits would be a mighty fine addition to the scrambled eggs and bacon proferred. There was no hot pot of said corn ambrosia to partake of […]

Don’t Eat Lumpy Grits

Life is too short to eat lumpy grits. That is the first rule of thumb if you are new to gritsdom. People who have tried grits and came away with, shall we say, a bad taste in their mouth, almost surely consumed substandard grits. If there are clumps to be found, the grits should be […]